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We are the first enterprise in Italy in the production and trade of raschel nets and raschel sacks to pack fruit and vegetable-goods. We are able to satisfy our customers’ needs. The goods inside the raschel material enjoy a great ventilation, therefore the formation of condensed water and moisture is avoided, which would make the goods aged and sour. We are able to supply our customers with sacks of different size beginning from 1kg to 25 kg.  In  the middle of the sack a polyethylene band,  with the print of the same customers’ logo, may be applied. It can be used as advertising publicity or to show the features of the goods which will be put in the sack. We  also produce sacks sewn (the manual type) with a closing lace or without it. In that case the sack may also be endowed with a band in the middle with the print of the customers’ logo. The choice of meshes and colours depends on the type of vegetables they will contain. Not only potatoes or onions are intended to be put in the sack but leeks, walnuts, chestnuts, mussels, snails too. In  addition  to the above items we also produce items for packing: automatic and manual pallet nets, spun threads, tubular nets, polypropylene sacks used for fertilizers, starchy foods, animal feeds beginning from 10 kg to 100 kg (this type of sack may have the print of the customers’ logo) and jute sacks from 5 kg to 100 kg. This sack, in natural fibre, is used for: potatoes, olives, hazelnuts, dried fruit, chestnuts and other farm products.